Association Boundaries

Oakmore Map & Addresses 

Original brochure map for the Oakmore Homes development.

Original brochure map for the Oakmore Homes development.

When Walter H. Leimert developed Oakmore, the original development boundaries were defined and recorded with Alameda County. Only the homes within these boundaries may belong to the Association.

At the time the Association was first created, membership was mandatory. In 1987, an irregularity in obtaining signatures during the renewal of the CC&Rs resulted in the dissolution of the Association. The Oakmore Homes Association was formed anew and homeowners rejoined. Currently not all of the properties within the association boundaries have rejoined the Association.

See our FAQ and Association Information pages for more information on membership.

This is a listing of the streets and addresses within Oakmore’s boundaries. You live in Oakmore if your address is among one of the following:

  • Arden Place: All
  • Braemar Road: 2000 – 2001
  • Brentwood Road: All
  • Bridgeview Drive: All
  • Bywood Drive: All
  • Carter Street: All
  • Clemens Road: 1701 – 1757, and 1804
  • Edge Drive: All
  • Hoover Avenue: 1900 – 1942
  • Leimert Boulevard: 1425 – 2556
  • Leimert Place: All
  • Melvin Road: 1800 – 1949
  • Oak Crest Drive: All
  • Oakmore Road: All
  • Rosecrest Drive: 1800 – 1980
  • Wrenn Street: 1901 – 1943