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Leimert Gingerbread HouseConstruction, architectural design and site planning issues are a serious concern in all neighborhoods. New construction involves change and change usually triggers at least a few adverse reactions. Early notice, good communication and effective negotiations all help ease the struggle associated with neighborhood change. Good planning and good design helps us all live together in a considerate and healthy manner in the City. With sensitive planning, density does not have to deprive us of privacy. Similarly, development and natural preservation can coexist when designs are created carefully.

The Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R’s) of Oakmore Homes Association require board review for all lot splits, land use changes, new and replacement structures, and fences. This is required for Member households and strongly encouraged for non-members as well. Association review is the first step for construction in Oakmore. The purpose of the review is to ensure quality and harmony in the neighborhood, rather than to dictate style or taste. (See the CC&R’s for full details).

The City of Oakland has many zoning ordinances and construction regulations in affect. The City is also revising their Residential Design Review Guidelines. On June 14th, 2005 the Planning Commission approved the Interim Design Review Manual for One- and Two-Unit Residences. The City’s new design review policy is catching up and institutionalizing the same kind of architectural and notification guidelines that the Leimert Company was promoting in 1926. So the Association sees its modern day role as primarily one of communication, facilitation and mediation among neighbors so that reasonable development can occur without detriment to other neighbors.

Below you will find a website link where critical information can be found about upcoming applications and proposals being reviewed by the City of Oakland Planning Commission and its subcommittees. Periodically, these agenda items concern the Oakmore neighborhood. When design review, variance applications or proposals with significant environmental impact come up for larger public review and comment, it starts at the Planning Commission.

Community input can make a good project into a great one. It can also stop or correct a bad project– if the input is given thoughtfully and early in the process. This is true for small residential additions as well large redevelopment projects. Please review the Planning Commission Agendas regularly to see if applications are coming forth for a construction project that impacts you or the Oakmore neighborhood. Also be aware of planning commission signs that are posted in the neighborhood to announce pending design review comment periods.

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Oakland Planning Commission

From the Commission’s website:

The purpose of the Oakland Planning Commission is “to promote the orderly growth and development of the City through studies, decisions on development proposals, policy recommendations to the City Council, and related activities.”

City Planning Commission meetings are held twice a month on Wednesdays, usually at 6:00 p.m., but occasionally earlier if there is a long agenda, at Oakland City Hall, One Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Hearing Room No. 1 in Oakland, CA 94612.

The City of Oakland Planning Commission welcomes and anticipates neighborhood involvement during the public hearing process. Ultimately, the cumulative decisions made by the Commission effect the fabric of Oakland ‘s neighborhoods. The Commission hearings are an open forum in which concerned citizens and applicants (individually or as part of a neighborhood organization) have an opportunity to speak about pending projects.

At least one week prior to the meeting, the agenda is posted on their website.  There are also links on the Commission site that will take you to the design review subcommittee agenda, minutes from past meetings, etc. The planning staff are also available via email from the agenda items on the site. In lieu of or to supplement verbal comments, written materials can be submitted to staff planners up to three days prior to a hearing.

Please click here to visit the City of Oakland Planning & Development resources.

Please click here for the Planning Commission resources.    From there you can navigate to other pertinent information and subcommittee agenda pages.