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Oakmore Homes Association
P.O.Box 27321
Oakland, CA 94602

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The Oakmore Homes Association

As described in our mission statement: The Oakmore Homes Association is a community of Oakmore neighbors committed to promoting and enhancing safety, beautification, community and property values in our neighborhood.

The Oakmore Homes Association is one of the oldest homeowners’ organizations in California . Established in 1926, we currently have over 220 member homes. By acting together, we add clout to neighborhood concerns and ensure that the interests and needs of Oakmore are heard by the City of Oakland . Our ability to realize civic improvements in the neighborhood grows in proportion to our enrolled membership. Active participation of members gives Oakmore its special vitality, which increase the value of the homes and the pleasure of living here. The OHA also publishes newsletters, brochures and a website focused on issues relevant to our neighborhood and sponsors community events like public “issue” meetings, and historic house tours.