Our Lovely Tree Wells

Many local residents have complimented and asked about the plantings under the Magnolia trees in the Oakmore business district. They have been there almost 7 years now, but

“Where did they come from?”

“Who maintains them?”

“Who pays for them?”

“How can I help?”

Well, here are your answers.

The Oakmore Homes Association (OHA) is pleased to have initiated and funded the upgrade in May, 2012. At the direction of a small neighborhood Landscape Committee, twenty neighborhood volunteers came together to do the initial planting.Subsequently, the committee watered, weeded, mulched and replaced plants as needed. Some of the local businesses also pitched in to help with watering.

Eventually, OHA hired a landscape maintenance firm, Green’s Gardens, to do twice monthly maintenance. You may see their workers there on alternate Friday mornings. If you see them, please let them know you appreciate their work!

Occasionally, the committee and others step in to refurbish plants and mulch. This past January, several  residents pitched in to replenish the mulch throughout.  Many thanks to committee leader Katie Creighton, and volunteers David Kahn, Joe Pomar, Cliff Saunders, and Russell Creighton.

A very special thanks goes to Scott Halbrook of Halbrook Insurance Agency, Farmer’s Insurance, at 1433 Leimert Blvd. Scott has twice donated generously to offset the cost of the sidewalk gardens’ installation and maintenance.  OHA is most appreciative of Scott’s generosity and community spirit. 

If you have questions or suggestions about the sidewalk gardens, or would like to contribute in some way, please contact one of the following:

Katie Creighton, Committee Chair  510-501-5242     kcgardens@gmail.com

Joseph F. Dashiell, Jr., President, Oakmore Homes Association Oakmorehomes@yahoo.com